Emeryville Junk Removal

What To Expect: Junk Removal in Emeryville

When you turn to All American Hauling for junk removal, you will find a simple, honest, and professional process. Here is what you can expect:



  • To begin, simply call us at (925) 256-0187.
  • Next, a junk removal expert will answer your questions, offer a no-obligation estimate, and arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

  • When our team arrives, you simply show us the items that need to go.
  • Then we will remove all unwanted items, load them into our trucks, and dispose of them properly.

  • In the end, we know you will be glad you called on All American Hauling for junk removal in Emeryville!






Garbage, Trash, and Junk Removal in Emeryville

Emeryville is home to Pixar Animation Studios and other software and biotech companies. If your home or office needs junk removal in Emeryville, we are here to assist!




Why You Should Choose All American Hauling

We are a locally owned and operated business, consistently servicing the Bay Area for over 30 years. Since we’re family-owned, we make sure to treat our clients like family as well! That means we are respectful of your property and ensure that we leave your space cleaner than when we arrived.

It’s also essential that your removal happens safely and efficiently. Our crew has the expertise needed to ensure that anything we remove or demolish will happen with no damage to your property. Additionally, we’re serious about removals: we own two big trucks that can haul thousands of pounds of junk and debris.

Our full-service offerings mean that your cleanup projects and junk removal in Emeryville will be stress-free!



Services We Offer

At All American Hauling, we specialize in residential and commercial removals and offer a variety of services for each one. 

Our residential services tackle both interior and exterior spaces. 

Interior services include:

  • Appliance, household junk, old carpet removal, and furniture removal
  • Basement, attic, and full house cleanouts

Exterior services include:

  • Yard cleanup
  • Small trees, fence, and construction debris removals
  • Demolish small structures such as hot tubs, spas, decks, and sheds


Proud To Be A Green Hauling Company

In addition to being a leading junk removal company in the Bay Area, All American Hauling is proud to put green removals into practice. We know which items can be recycled and reused. If we spot something that qualifies, we will set these items aside during your job and separately take care of them.

While we don’t offer delivery services to charities and non-profits, you can consider contacting local organizations such as Hospice of the East Bay, The Salvation Army, Freecycle, and Teen Challenge (cars only). 


Proudly Serving Contra Costa and Alameda Counties


Garbage removal and hauling have become a popular business model in the last decade. With high unemployment and many needing new sources of income, junk removal is a business with low startup costs.

To start a hauling service, all you need is a truck, a little muscle, and some motivation. The Emeryville junk removal landscape has dozens of micro-hauling companies. Sometimes these are college students trying to earn a few extra bucks or someone who thinks the job is easier than it is.

Hauling and professional waste removal services are straightforward. Still, there are legal aspects to consider and laws to follow. Sometimes, an amateur hauler can get away with not following these rules, until:

  1. The business begins to take off. Becoming legitimate means taxes and liabilities apply. 
  2. They get caught breaking the law but are fortunate only to get a warning.

When choosing a hauling company, go with somebody reputable like All American Hauling. Their prices are competitive, and they’ve been in business for over 30 years. You can trust that they’ve seen and hauled it all! 

In addition to removals, their crew can also demolish small structures. Need to update your deck or remove a broken hot tub? All American Hauling are your guys!



Woman hiring junk removal services over the phone

Let’s Begin!

Ready to start with All American Hauling today? With our years of experience with handling all sorts of junk removal services, you can count on us to finish the job the right way. So don’t hesitate to give us a phone call today. Or, if you’d like to request a free cost estimate online, you can reach out to us using our contact form. Either way, we look forward to working with you! Let’s work towards your junk-free life together.