Garbage, Trash, and Junk Removal – Oakland, CA

Junk Removal in Oakland, CA

When you turn to All American Hauling for junk removal, you will find a simple, honest, and professional process. Here is what you can expect:



  • To begin, simply call us at (925) 256-0187.
  • Next, a junk removal expert will answer your questions, offer a no-obligation estimate, and arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

  • When our team arrives, you simply show us the items that need to go.
  • Then we will remove all unwanted items, load them into our trucks, and dispose of them properly.

  • In the end, we know you will be glad you called on All American Hauling for junk removal in Oakland!



Garbage, Trash, and Junk Removal in Oakland

Oakland offers a splendid mix of old and new. We’re happy to keep this Bay Area town clutter-free with our junk removal in Oakland!

Don’t let the aftermath of a renovation or de-cluttering activity extend your project timeline. Instead, let us help you finish quickly! We can haul and dispose of your excess garbage, trash, and junk with the utmost efficiency.

Armed with two big trucks and a Bobcat, All American Hauling is prepared to tackle any type of Oakland junk removal. From taking one-off pieces of furniture to removing construction debris, our company provides a high level of service for every residential and commercial job.



Responsible Removals in Oakland

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. Our crew knows how to properly remove items and dismantle structures with no damage to your property. We also know the ins and outs of the recycling process in California. When we find appropriate items to recycle during your removal, we will be sure to set it aside. You can expect us to drop it off at the nearest recycling facility.



All American Hauling is a top-rated local business serving the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do commercial and residential hauling jobs with FAST, professional quality service at unbeatable rates. 


Proudly Serving Contra Costa and Alameda Counties



Our environment is in danger. Many things that we use and consume cause harm to our planet. What can we do to stop the damage? Live a sustainable life.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that reduces dependence on the earth’s natural resources. Therefore, practitioners aim to minimize their carbon footprint. They do so by finding alternatives to energy consumption and transportation.

Recycling, conserving energy and water, and planting vegetables in the backyard are just a few examples of sustainable living. It’s a great way to reduce the use of plastics and oil.

Oil is a fossil fuel that is a tremendous source of energy. But fossil fuels are a significant source of pollution. In addition, most of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels burn, they emit dangerous toxins. It increases carbon dioxide emissions, making it harder for the planet to breathe.

Since plastics come from oil, it doesn’t decompose quickly. Did you know plastic can take an average of 100-500 years to decompose? Imagine the tons of plastics thrown every day. How will our planet look in 100 years? All the plastic ever produced in our lifetimes will still be here. Now multiply that by 5. It’s a frightening thought.

How can you practice sustainable living at home?

Begin by reducing, reusing, and recycling your trash. 

Reduce trash by holding on to what you can still use.

Reuse what you can by repairing it. Similarly, you can create new uses for old items, like making flower pots out of cans of spaghetti, old clothing into rags, and glass bottles for vases.

Recycle bottles, cans, and paper by sending these items through your local recycling pick up. 

You can dispose of larger items like appliances, mattresses, or old furniture by calling a junk removal service such as All American Hauling, who will do the recycling for you.

Living a sustainable life is possible and can become a habit with a little practice. In 2000, Oakland implemented its sustainable living efforts. Since then, the town recycled 700,000 tons of cans, bottles, magazines, junk mail, paper, cardboard, and other biodegradable materials. What a positive impact!



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