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When you turn to All American Hauling for junk removal, you will find a simple, honest, and professional process. Here is what you can expect:



  • To begin, simply call us at (925) 256-0187.
  • Next, a junk removal expert will answer your questions, offer a no-obligation estimate, and arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

  • When our team arrives, you simply show us the items that need to go.
  • Then we will remove all unwanted items, load them into our trucks, and dispose of them properly.

  • In the end, we know you will be glad you called on All American Hauling for junk removal in Antioch!



Junk Removal in Antioch

When your home or business resides in a city as beautiful as Antioch, it sure would be a shame for the experience to be bogged down by ugly, space-consuming junk. Unfortunately, it’s just another one of life’s realities that from time to time, junk comes to haunt us.

If you’re dealing with a junk problem, maybe you’ve suffered from it for a while now. That might be because you keep putting it off! When you do your own junk removal in Antioch, all of that hefty and hard-to-carry junk has to be carried by you—every single piece! Whether it’s commercial waste, construction debris, or even an entire shed, do you really want to deal with all the trouble? You’re not just killing time, you’re risking damages and injuries, too. So why not reach out to All American Hauling instead? We’re here to save you the hassle of dealing with that junk and give you some peace of mind.



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Think you’d like to employ our services? We think you can’t go wrong with us. Just take a look at the litany of 5-star reviews we’ve gotten online for proof. With all those satisfied customers, you know that we’re not playing around—our commitment to you is serious. So if you want to be the next client to be wowed by our junk removal in Antioch, start today by giving us a phone call. Once you do, you’ll connect to one of our All American Hauling to schedule your first appointment right away. That junk will be off your property in no time!



About Antioch

The pleasant city of Antioch, sharing a portion of shoreline with the East San Francisco Bay, is yet another one of California’s beautiful cities. From the northern border of the city, you can see the beautiful Sterman Island and the Dow Wetlands Preserve, two of the many nearby natural landmarks. Similarly, from the south, you might encounter the Contra Loma Reservoir Regional Park and the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. All things considered, there’s no shortage of places to visit in Antioch’s great outdoors. The town has grown considerably since its humble beginnings back in 1850, too. Nowadays, with a population of more than 100,000, Antioch holds the title of the third-largest city in Contra Costa County!


Proudly Serving Contra Costa and Alameda Counties


I’m writing this article for Bryan because I’ve been a client of his too many times to count. Or more accurately, my clients have been clients of his too many times to count. Let me explain…

I work for a Servpro of Antioch specializing in emergency clean-up and restoration, and in doing so I’ve come across many homes, so full of garbage, junk and clutter, that I can’t even begin to describe the messes I’ve seen. The absurdity of the things that some people keep, hide and stow away is absolutely astounding!

One time I was performing a trash-out in Antioch, on the home of an mid-sixties woman who had passed away. She was a hoarder and her house smelled terrible, but not all hoarder homes smell bad. This woman’s home was cluttered, but not full actual trash. Just lots of things she and nobody else would ever use again… ever.

Well, my crew and I were moving the couch at one point and noticed the smell got really bad. After sliding it a few feet, a ziplock sandwich bag was exposed. It turned out the bag contained old poo. Yes, it appeared she defecated in the bag and placed it conveniently under the couch. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well, part of the reason it seemed like such a good idea was because her toilet had apparently clogged up and she was too embarrassed by her junk laden home to invite a plumber over to fix it. Shortly after finding this little bagged treat, we returned to the bathroom for it’s turn to be cleaned out. Want to guess what we found in the giant black trash-bag hidden behind the curtain? I’m going to give you a “Close, but no cigar” since I suspect I know what you were thinking.

But no, it wasn’t quite that bad… The hefty bag was filled with tupperware containers all half full of urine. Why she stored the urine rather than pouring it down any drain in the house isn’t the biggest mystery to me though. What I really want to know is how she possibly had so many tupperware containers and what she planned to do when she ran out.

Nonetheless, I am way off track. I was writing to thank Bryan for all the brilliant work he’s done for us, hauling garbage, waste, old cut down trees and removing the remnants of our own demolition jobs.
All American Hauling is the only choice for our garbage removal needs. Thanks Bryan!



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