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Junk Removal in Pittsburg, CA

When you turn to All American Hauling for junk removal, you will find a simple, honest, and professional process. Here is what you can expect:



  • To begin, simply call us at (925) 256-0187.
  • Next, a junk removal expert will answer your questions, offer a no-obligation estimate, and arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

  • When our team arrives, you simply show us the items that need to go.
  • Then we will remove all unwanted items, load them into our trucks, and dispose of them properly.

  • In the end, we know you will be glad you called on All American Hauling for junk removal in Pittsburg!



Junk Removal in Pittsburg

Long ago, the nearby mining towns were once hustling and bustling! Miners flooded in and out of the mines, coming up with all sorts of coal. Nowadays? Maybe it’s like the only thing you can come up with is junk instead! That’s just the reality of spending time in your home or business, really. A remodel, a cleanout, or yard job can leave you with more garbage than you care to deal with. So, when it’s junk removal in Pittsburg that you need, feel free to come to All American Hauling for a team that makes you our top priority.

While we’re not as old as those old mining towns, we have been around for 30 years, and we think that’s an accomplishment in its own right. What’s more, during that time, we’ve picked up plenty of experience in hauling all sorts of junk. Rest assured—no matter the job you have for us, All American Hauling has what it takes to get it done.



Affordability, Courtesy, and Quality!

The three traits listed above is what any customer wants out of a business! However, finding all three at once can be a difficult task, especially nowadays. That’s because it seems like so many companies want to take the easy way out. However, here at All American Hauling, we know that junk doesn’t always allow for the path of least resistance. So, when it comes to your junk removal in Pittsburg, we’re ready to put in the extra effort to make sure you’re satisfied. Say goodbye to lackadaisical teams that lollygag on the clock and charge you top dollar for scuffing up the walls. Instead, enjoy a warm greeting from our expert team before they do what they do best—haul away that junk, All American Hauling style.



About Pittsburg

Pittsburg, beautifully situated on San Francisco’s East Bay, is a medium-sized city of around 64,000, though that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. Falling on the east side of Contra Costa County, the city is located right next to other regional hotspots. These include Concord, Martinez, and Antioch, just to name a few. Travelling to and from the surrounding cities can be a scenic affair, as the freeways wind through the nearby regional parks, though perhaps Pittsburg’s real claim to fame is its history in heavy industry and mining. Take a look to the south of the city, and you’ll find the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. This relic of the Pittsburg’s coal mining past serves as a throwback to those forgotten times of yesteryear.


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The Following Article Was Contributed by a Customer



As a long time resident of Contra Costa County, and most recently a Pittsburg homeowner, I am conflicted about the reputation that Pittsburg has developed in the last decade. First off, as a resident and homeowner in this city, I want the very best for it. I believe Pittsburg is a great little city with tons of potential, but I also see the challenges it faces.

Unfortunately both Pittsburg and Antioch have reputations for crime and other ugly and misguided pursuits of youth (not that every wrong-doing is committed by youths). This is a problem I believe can be changed in a matter of years if our city can find a way to come together as residents, business owners, parents and the youth to take pride in the city we call home.

One of the easiest places where I believe education and leadership have the potential to make a positive difference in our community (and the world for that matter) is in some basic manners. As children we’re taught to “clean up after ourselves”. This is a theme that in so many households across America is so common it becomes cliche. Still, in almost every city in the country, we can look around and see that the message is not getting through to everybody.

Trash in the streets, cigarette butts in gutters, plastic bags and bottles clogging sewer drains…. all of this is evidence that many people just don’t care. Pride and caring go hand in hand and to illustrate my meaning, I offer a case in point:

I live in one of Pittsburg’s nicer neighborhoods, and one of my neighbors down the street is a 17 year old boy that I’ll call Jose (not his real name). Jose recently bought his first car which he paid for with much of his own money, and some from his parents. Every weekend I see him out there in the driveway cleaning, waxing and detailing that car. I admired the care he took, but one afternoon when he was finished and was driving off I was stunned to see an empty Gatorade bottle fly out his window into the street.

For all the pride and care he took in his car, the street he lives on may as well have been a trash can to him. That’s when I realized if we’re to keep our cities clean and waste free, we need to begin taking pride in our cities. I can guarantee Jose has no trash on the floor of his car because he takes such immense pride in it. He would never liter it like he did the street he was driving on.

Changing the view of our home as a trash can and junk receptacle to place of cleanliness, pride and beauty begins at home. It extends next to the places we spend our time – schools, work, social outlets. When we start promoting recycling, green living, waste management and other such positive means of garbage disposal, we’ll not only begin changing our cities reputation for the better, we’ll be making an impact on the entire planet.



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